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April 25, 2024 at 6:30:00 a.m.

Melynn Rose

Melynn Rose, nicknamed Mel or Melynn, is a Dryad loosely based on the mythical creatures of the same name and shapeshifters.


Melynn's true self has no physical or visible form, much like a spirit. The only way she's able to tangibly exist is through the possession of plants. Through them, she is able to manifest a physical body that's an amalgamation of her own expression and the plant she's possessing. For this reason, Melynn's design has changed frequently through the years to match her expression, and will continue to change.


The little Dryad’s favourite things are drawing, gardening, and gaming. Melynn Rose is often the most active of the bunch, as she is the most varied with content relating to anything she's feeling at that moment. Many of her forms will correspond with her current mood and atmosphere.


If you like many different vibes, this is a great character for you to enjoy.

Melynn Rose




Hair Colour

Changes between pinks and browns


Flowers, pepperoni, nuggies, coffee



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