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Melynn Rose

variety | art | gaming | lively | comfort | horror | suggestive

Melynn Rose, nicknamed Mel or Melynn, is a Dryad loosely based on mythical creatures of the same name and shapeshifters. Melynn has a special ability to change form based on their own wants, as well as an actively possessed plant, which she can not exist without doing. Whichever form he decides to take, (most commonly a femme, humanoid appearance with horns), the plant she’s possessing will have its own aesthetic impact. This creates a lot of varying design vibes.


The little Dryad’s favourite things are drawing, gardening, and gaming. Melynn Rose is the most active of the bunch, as she is the most varied with content relating to creativity, comfort, humor, safe and not safe for work, horror, and more. Many of her forms will correspond with her current mood and atmosphere. If you like many different vibes, this is a great character for you to enjoy.

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