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Hello there!

My name is Melody, or better known as Melynn Rose! I'm a Genderfluid Artist that uses many different virtual avatars to express how I'm feeling. I currently have 5 different characters that I use regularly.

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Melynn Rose

A silly and gentle dryad that changes design based on whichever plant she decides to possess!

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A scrappy Shiba Inu boy that doesn't like to follow rules and gets into a lot of trouble!

[2023-09-08 - 20;35].png


Sweet and comfy bear ♡ 

[2023-07-13 - 08;21]2.png


For those times I'm feeling sleepy and low energy, Brown is a relaxed and quiet angel that loves to rest!

[2023-09-08 - 22;10].png


Little ball of a creature

I'm a completely self taught artist and have been an affiliate on Twitch for more than a few years now! I love drawing art for people and streaming it. I also enjoy streaming fun games of all kinds, but I especially love RPGs and sim games that challenge my creativity!

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my site!

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